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Mobile Sports Authority estimates $53 million in local economic impact from events

Oct 9th, 2012

MOBILE, Alabama -- When people come to Mobile County for tennis tournaments, rugby matches and disc-golf events, they're bringing more than their competitive desire. They're bringing money, too, according to the Mobile Sports Authority's annual report.

The organization's report for the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 says sporting events supported by the MSA and its partners had an economic impact of $53,086,257 for Mobile County, and that figure does not include the final three months' worth of tournaments at the Copeland-Cox Tennis Center.

"A lot of people don't know what the Sports Authority does," said Danny Corte, the MSA's executive director. "We are a revenue generator for the city and county of Mobile. Events that would not be held without Mobile Sports Authority support are coming to Mobile.

"We go out and bring visiting sporting competitions to Mobile County. Sometimes we manage them, sometimes we operate them, sometimes we support them monetarily. But we support all of them logistically from before they get here until they walk out the door."

Corte said area residents might be surprised by the economic impact associated with some low-profile sports.

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